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  1. you know what u guys can forget it i aint gonna be part of ur team for 1 reason anyways you all have been extremely rude to me u have all been nasty about my application not once have u guys asked politely u guys must not be after staff that badly only half ur team are only ever on the servers little advice if u guys have so much staff allready why are u all inactive should those inactive be staff? ask youselvs that also yes i feel like i am being attacked by each and every one of you.. so have a think about that im not doing anymore to my application take it or leaving this case ur leaving it i assume so just be over with ti say it how it is rather then beating round the bushes
  2. im sry bro but im not gonna lie about it to produce 200 words i dont know what els to put on there without lieing so what ever happens happens i guess u guys cant be looking for staff that badly then ik it not 200 words ik it only seems quick but im being 100% honest u either want staff or u guys dont im not going to beat around the bush to make up a big paragraph because thats to me is only lieing and i dont 1 lie 2 beat around the bush so if u dont like it thats fine only tryna do something to help out the community
  3. thoughts on having a 3rd person view
  4. RP Name: SpiritChaser Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:49088443 Age: 23 (11-11-1994) Playtime (with evidence): my playtime will be progress super fast as you guys can and will see very soon What time do you normally play?: anytime as required / after work/ when ever i get free time on my hands Do you have previous experience in a staff role?: yes i have owned my own unturned server also have run my own battlefield 4 server i have much experience of admin im honest and realiable will dedicate my time to the server to do my part as an in game admin Explain why you are applying for a staff role at No Name Servers: i have much experience of admiring i'm honest and reliable will dedicate my time to the server to do my part as an in game admin i feel i could be a great asset to the staff team and help where ever needed i also would like to apply for in game admin to help the community when needed and my hrs for being on are very flexible. i really unsure what els to put here without making stuff up im not going to make stuff up to so it fits 200 characters im simply here to do the best i can to help out. Have you ever received an infraction on the server (warn, kick or ban)?: never Scenario 1: You respond to a ticket and a player RDM'd another player. What do you do? take action accordingly to the situation take notes on what happen also have recording of it so u have evidence to back up on what actually happen if they say differently Scenario 2: A section of the map is fully prop blocked and you have just joined. What do you do? | take notes of whos props they are clear them as its blocked notify other admins of situation Scenario 3: A player is threatening to DDoS/DOX a player or staff member. What do you do? screenshot/record the threat report to rest of staff kick the persons from server if they rejoin start again with threats ban them Other information: im 23 honest reliable and have had experience in being an admin and can deal with any situation as required if this is what you guys are looking for then please take interest and remember im not just a kid that wants admin like i have seen some for thanks for taking your time to review my aplication Yours Sincerly Spirit Chaser