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  1. I've been approached by a member of the community that pointed out something quite strange with this application. The user @fry_ only has one post on the forums, and it is supporting this app. That's not really too out of the ordinary, but his joining and last online are a bit odd. Joined Thursday at 06:44 PM Posted Thursday at 06:52 PM Last visited Thursday at 06:55 PM I am just wondering @WateringKan whether you know this person, and if so, could provide an explanation regarding his strange activity.
  2. Best of luck with your app. I'd change the colour scheme though, doesn't look the best in my opinion.
  3. Welcome to NNS!
  4. You previously didn't have the best reputation, but since NNS opened I've gotten to know you a lot better and you're not all that bad. You're really active on the server, you know the rules but you do muck around a fair bit, which isn't that bad, it can easily be changed. Best of luck with your app!
  5. Most people AFK to boost their playtime on Dark RP servers. It's not the best thing to do, but it certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't get a staff position. I've only had one encounter with you, and it was positive which is great. Best of luck with your app!
  6. As long as you dedicate your time to helping this server, I'm fine with you returning to the staff team as a trial-moderator. +1
  7. Welcome to the server Richard! I look forward to playing with you in-game.
  8. Best of luck for the future Liam, thanks for your hard work on the server.
  9. Welcome to NNS Charlie! Great to hear you're on board with the new community and excited about the ownership. I look forward to seeing you in-game
  10. Welcome to NNS! I hope that you enjoy your stay with us
  11. Welcome to NNS! I saw you around a lot on previous servers, as well as on here. I've spoken to you quite a lot and you seem like a pretty cool guy. I hope you enjoy your time with us!
  12. I wasn't the person who set up the printers, but with my understanding the printers and the amount they print have been selected so we have a stable economy. Cars are fairly cheap, and if more printers were added we'd probably have to nerf them so they print one fourth of what they currently do now. That is just my thoughts on them, I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks.
  13. When submitting a ban request, please use the following template to provide us with all of the information needed to review the request. Please add as much detail as possible, as it will help us decide what the outcome should be. Simply copy the text below, and paste it into a new thread in the ban requests section. Offender's RP Name: Offender's Steam ID: Time of offence: What rule did they break?: Evidence (video/images):
  14. When submitting a ban appeal, please use the following template to provide us with all the information needed to review your appeal. Simply copy the text below, and paste it into a new thread in the ban appeals section. RP Name: Steam ID: Ban Length: Who banned you?: What happened?: Why should your ban be revoked/reduced?:
  15. I just purchased some parts for my new gaming PC, and was wondering what everyone else uses? My Build