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  1. heyyy
  2. just posting random stuff since it has been a few days
  3. I currently own a g920 steering wheel and a g29 steering wheel and I want to buy a very realistic racing game. Probably one with good physics
  4. Well I hope to buy an SV6 or a S. Would love to own a BMW 760li
  5. "Scenario 2: A section of the map is fully prop blocked and you have just joined. What do you do?" If the propblock involve propblock? a tad bit confusing but anyway I have seen you around in game and as Hank said you do mess around a little too much. If you improve in game ill happily give you a +1
  6. Does raiding need to be easy? I think that shit should be hard. Give it more of a challenge. Instead of just running there and shooting up the place. You can scout it before you do the raid. Watch the person base. When they leave you sneak in and steal their shit before they get back, If they are coming back, you will be able to see the inside and the layout and you will know where to shoot and shit. Just a thought
  7. i should have made that bit more clear. In the first statement, i was talking about NNS. Fixed the reply
  8. Hello Blootz, Thank you for your reply but I want to clear a few things - I resigned from AU-GN along with everyone else. Then some shit happened between me and noname. Then feeling a bit pissed decided to cancel my resignation. After realizing I was being a bit of a cunt, I message one of the owners to clear things up. After having a chat. everything was good. After making sure I was ok with everyone I decided to make an application here to help out the server. -I wrote the apology on AU-GN since I still wasn't on the discord. I knew people would still look at it there since the noname forums weren't up at that time -Not gonna lie, I applied on AUGN as a joke. I was talking to mates at the time and we thought it would be funny AF if I got accepted there I hope this clears some things up. I am going to fix up my app since i wrote it late at night
  9. Currently, i am a pretty big fan of INXS and Cold Chisel
  10. RP Name: Jeremy Clarkson Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:120873036 Age: 15 Playtime (with evidence): On NNS (probably 1h) Melbourne (3w,2d) I don't know if that counts What time do you normally play?: usually after 3:30 PM on weekdays Do you have previous experience in a staff role?: Australian Gaming Network - DarkRP - Administrator GalacticRP - StarwarsRP - Owner/Developer Explain why you are applying for a staff role at NoName Servers: I am applying for the trial moderator role here on NNS because I really want to help out the community. It is just starting and already getting a lot of players and when there are a lot of players, there need to be people who can keep everyone in line so that there are no rules broken. If I am staff again I can make sure everyone keeps in line and are doing the right thing. I know how to do ULX and know how to do sits efficiently so it gets done. This would hopefully help things run more smoothly and quickly I have a huge understanding of the rules here on NNS because they are mostly the same from the old server. I have been with this community (even though there have been some changes) for a good 8 months, I know most of the people playing on the server. When I was staffing on Australian Gaming Network, I learned the basic of doing sits and doing them as efficiently and as properly as I could. During that time I completed 1700 sits. I know how to do everything that a staff member needs to do and I can do it with ease. Have you ever received an infraction on the server (warn, kick or ban)?: None Scenario 1: You respond to a ticket and a player RDM'd another player. What do you do? I go to the player who called the sit. I asked them what happened and while they are explaining I check the logs. I bring the player who killed the other player. Trying to decide who was in the wrong I either give a verbal warning or a written warning Scenario 2: A section of the map is fully prop blocked and you have just joined. What do you do? I would see who placed the props and I would freeze them. I would ask what they did and then if they meant harm, Ban them. If it was just them and some friends playing and they build a little thing for them. I would just tell them to ask a staff member first then warn them Scenario 3: A player is threatening to DDoS/DOX a player or staff member. What do you do? I would ban them instantly. I would ask a higher up to extend the ban forever Other information Look, I know I did some dog things but I want to help the server. Hopefully, you will see past the shit things I did and focus on the good also i wrote this at 1am quickly so there might be a couple of errors