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  1. I think in order to apply for moderator, the applicant should have at least +5 community rep on the forums. this stops people who have played the server and not given a shit about the forums, or have been abusive/minged on the forums. EDIT: To gain community rep, you must have a post/thread and if people click 'like this' then it adds to your community rep.
  2. i like realistic FPS Games (Rainbow Six Siege, COD: WW2) and also storyline games (Telltale's The Walking Dead, Outlast etc)
  3. I reckon decreasing the prices is a good idea, but also balance it out so that butterfly knives cost more than flip knives etc. if your having trouble figuring out which one is best refer to the community market
  4. -1 AFK'ing for hours shows that ur just desperate for moderator, that you dont actually really care about the server, you just want mod so you can brag to your friends and act like a big boy. you also dont meet the requirements being under 14 and having less than 200 words for why you wanna be staff.
  5. +1 considering you had previous staffing experience on AU-GN and also cause ur a good roleplayer, never seen you minge or being abusive.
  6. memphis may fire is pre lit
  7. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/d8Rv6s i HIGHLY RECOMMEND waiting for gpu and ram prices to go down, i have a zotac 1050ti oc edition i got for $210, its up for $260. also ram is ridiculously high priced, you should wait so you can get 1060 3gb cheaper but this is gud
  8. lmao if you had the money to get an 8400 with a 1080 shoulda got the 8600k cause you can oc and the z370 is an oc motherboard but if you wanted the 8400 shoulda waited for new mobos for budget builds
  9. imma go on pcpartpicker and see what i can find, when i do, ill send link