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  1. I dont care about visuals that much i just want atleast 50-60 fps Any suggestions?
  2. Its life, no worries
  3. Seemed like it took literally a minute to make, didnt even try in the Explain why you're applying for no name servers -1
  4. Ive seen you randomly get into my car and stab it, and if i kill you after a warning you come back and do it again, -1
  5. Cheers mate,
  6. Post your current car (if you have one) and/or your dream car, whether it costs a million dollars or not.
  7. Yeah as i said in Other information im trying to put that behind me and move on
  8. RP Name: Mario Manocchio Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:113156926 Age: 14 Playtime (with evidence): 1 Day https://gyazo.com/6c0f0fc5630405f0b3ca4bc281724f97 What time do you normally play?: If school is on 3:40 pm to 7 pm AEST, If not, Most of the day Do you have previous experience in a staff role?: Figuration Gaming: head mod. Moon Gaming: T-mod Explain why you are applying for a staff role at NoName Servers: My motivation to becoming a staff member is to mainly assist the staff team, Punish rule breakers, and to make the server a better place for everyone. ULX: I I do understand how to use ULX commands. As I stated earlier, I have had past experience as a staff member on two Garry's Mod servers. Throughout these experiences, I have built a great knowledge of the ULX commands and how they work. With my past experiences, I have learnt that staffing requires great dedication to the server and the people on it, which I am ready to give. Why should you accept my application?: I am a calm and collected person while still being stern and strict when need be, I am very good at dealing with issues and problem solving, meaning I'm good at getting to the bottom of things. I also have a deep passion for the server and I love playing on it and I just want the player base to feel like we're always there and ready to help. I have seen that sometimes when I'm on not many staff are on, I believe accepting me would be a great benefit to the staff team of nns, I'm a trustworthy and loyal player, Have you ever received an infraction on the server (warn, kick or ban)?: No. Scenario 1: You respond to a ticket and a player RDM'd another player. What do you do? I would first bring the victim and then the culprit, I would ask the victim what the issue is and how it happened after I heard his side I would ask the culprit there side of the story. most of the time these situations stem from a simple misunderstanding, but sometimes, it's more. If it were to have been RDM I would tell the culprit Not to do it again and what the consequences would be if he were to do it. I would proceed to warn him of his offense then return them both and move on. Scenario 2: A section of the map is fully prop blocked and you have just joined. What do you do? Bring the player who is prop blocking, See if hes had any previous warns ill warn him, if it doesnt ill give him a verbal and move on Scenario 3: A player is threatening to DDoS/DOX a player or staff member. What do you do? Ban them, ask a higher ranking to extend Other information: I have had a few mishaps in the past, but I will put them behind me and work on myself If I have any mistakes make sure to point them out, im welcoming criticism as well
  9. introduction

    Good to see you here mate,
  10. Just so you know this is the guy that got caught for cheating and banned
  11. Hey I was just wondering how do you gain rep in the forums?
  12. 181 words, I saw you afking to get the 1 day, -1 from papa mario
  13. Im neutral during this but It still doesnt count for the 3 forum posts you have and not reaching the minimal play time
  14. Good to see you mate, Im a gorillaz fan too,
  15. What is the suggestion?: 2 donator printers and 4 regular Why should this be added to the server?: Allow people to get money faster, you can add more than 2 donator and 4 regular, you can tweak shipment prices too if you wish Link to workshop link (if applicable): Like this