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  1. g'day
  2. The latest Forza (which I believe is 7 at the moment), or Forza Horizon 3 which is pretty fun as well. As for the most realistic it has to be Forza 7. As for the greatest racing game, it's Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box. Though it came out in 2009, and the DLC's are no longer available, its graphics have held their own and cars actually indicate, unlike real life.
  3. If you have to lie to fulfil the 200 word requirement I can safely tell you that you will not be welcomed into the staff team. Literacy is important in retaining a professional staff team. Complete the application properly and meet the requirements or risk being denied.
  4. Great work on the application. I don't know you personally but from the collective opinions I've read above, and the clear effort you've put in to meet the requirements, you definitely seem to be a fantastic candidate. Good luck with your application.
  5. 2012 BMW 320d F30 auto in white. She goes well.
  6. Post meaningful content.
  7. I like that idea - it also pretty much forces the users to post meaningful content rather than aimlessly trying to acquire the required amount of posts.
  8. NO NAME SERVERS OFFICIAL FORUM RULES These rules are put in place to allow NNS to remain a fun and family friendly place. A constructive, respectful and welcoming attitude is required from all members at all times in both forum posts and private conversations. The forum rules are a general guide of what we expect from members, and not an exhaustive list. Forum staff will sometimes make decisions independent of the rules, which is perfectly allowed, however, if you believe you have been unfairly treated, you can submit a report here. Rules Do Be nice and polite - All members deserve to be treated with respect. Positive and polite posts create an environment all members will feel comfortable in. Post in relevant section(s) - Posting in the most relevant section ensures that members also interested in the topic will be able to see it and conversation can take place. If not, a moderator will most likely move it for you. Remain on topic - Replies to a thread not relevant to the topic of discussion are not allowed and you should create a new thread to start new discussions. Report content - Reported content is sent to staff members for review. If someone is breaking the rules, reporting their content is very helpful for the staff members to get rid of. Think before posting - Sensible, well thought out and legible posts help other members understand what is being explained. Meet the prerequisites when applying for staff - These requirements are set for a reason. Failing to follow them and applying anyway will warrant an instant deny. Post in ban appeals/ban requests and staff applications - If you have a constructive piece of information that contributes to the appeal/request/application. In contrast, do not post if you are not contributing anything relevant to the table, or your post will be hidden and you will receive a warning. Help us make NNS better - We are keen to hear all of your ideas on ways that we can improve the community. There are discussion boards located around the forums where you are able to share your suggestions on how you think we can improve NNS. Please don't hold back. Do Not Excessively use profanity or post NSFW content - We attempt to keep NNS family-friendly, but we are aware that use of profanity cannot be completely negated in a community mainly comprised of teenagers. Excessive use of profanity, or any NSFW images will cause a loss of posting privileges for a temporary amount of time. Flame or provoke - Do not insult or flame other members on the forum. Similarly, do not post with the intention to provoke another member. Spam - Spamming is something that provides no value to the discussion, or a thread that creates nuisance for others. The most common spam on this forum are people aimlessly "+1"ing people's applications. Please provide a detailed reason why you're +1ing someone. Double post - We understand that sometimes the forum messes up and your post goes through twice, in which case simply report the second one for reason "double-post" and let a staff member remove it for you. Also report other members double-posts if you see them. Engage in illegal activity - NNS is located in Australia, which means the Australian Federal Laws must be followed at all times. Make many posts on the same thread - If you have more to say and no one has replied, edit your last post rather than making another post. If you do this it is counted as spam. Shit Post - Do not post on old threads or post irrelevant replies to threads. Remain on topic at all times in current threads. If it is 3 months old or more, you should not be posting on it as it is considered obsolete. You may make another topic with the same subject matter however. Advertise - Advertising of any kind is strictly prohibited. If you wish to advertise, use a service that allows you to do so, don't post threads on the NNS forum. If you are having any problems, please post them in the support section.
  9. You haven't really made an effort to meet the requirements. My biggest concern is that it appears as though you're freely community hopping to try and find a server where you can have a rank. You resigned from AU-GN, apologised, applied for staff again, I guess with the hopes of gaining a higher rank, after that failed, I see you're now applying here. I'm not certain that this is your prerogative so this is not an accusation; I am merely bringing a point I deem valid to the table. I'll remain neutral.
  10. A macbook *slithers away in shame*