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    RP Name: Peter Pants Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:120388570 Age: 18 Playtime (with evidence): What time do you normally play?: Just randomly throughout the day, I hop on for a few hours a day. Do you have previous experience in a staff role?: Like 8 other servers when I was around 14 or 15, too many to remember, some of the most notable, are Admin on Republic Gaming, during its peak, and Admin on Thunder Gaming, anyone who knows Thunder Gaming is an absolute legend. Explain why you are applying for a staff role at NoName Servers: I have been playing No Name Servers since day one, and brought many friends to the server on this day as well. I enjoy playing the server a lot, I play everyday for a few hours including odd hours, early morning, when there is sometimes not many staff on and people begin to break rules. I have a lot of staffing experience and have a great understanding of the rules. I have made friends with a large amount of the player base and would like to help relay new rules and content from players and continue making friends with them. I believe that I am a reliable and mature player, who knows and follows the rules, whilst keeping the server fun for everyone. I always input my 2 cents, to map votes, new content changes and existing content changes to the server, as I care about state of the server that I love to play. I have made multiple suggestions, of which some were accepted, that have helped to shape the server that we all love to play. I enjoy setting up fun activities around the map for players, such as the drift track yesterday, which brought together all the players on at the time to have a bit of fun, because that’s what DarkRP is all about. Finally, I would like to believe that for the most part, I have made a good impression on all of the servers current staff members and players, and would like to believe that they see me as a reliable and mature player. Have you ever received an infraction on the server (warn, kick or ban)?: Yeah I've got 1 warning, because I was messing around with the tow trucks with a few mates, nothing else though. Scenario 1: You respond to a ticket and a player RDM'd another player. What do you do? Bring all involved players to a roof, ask for each persons side of the story, gather evidence or witness stories, warn if necessary or give verbal warnings. Scenario 2: A section of the map is fully prop blocked and you have just joined. What do you do? TP the player who owns the props, ask them to remove them, depending on the scale potentially warn them, if they continue to place props kick them from the server, if they rejoin and continue, ban them. Scenario 3: A player is threatening to DDoS/DOX a player or staff member. What do you do? Threats like that are just unaustralian, that's an easy permban for the offender. Other information: I speak Japanese The Requirements You must have at least 5 forum posts Must have 5 community rep on the forums You must have at least 1 day playtime on the server You must be 14 years or older You must write a minimum of 200 words when responding to the question 'Explain why you are applying for a staff role at NoName Servers' You must not currently hold a staff position on another server
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    cutest moderator in the team
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    nah i just asked if anyone wants to play, i don't really want to play man it was just a bant, i told ya.
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    NO NAME SERVERS OFFICIAL FORUM RULES These rules are put in place to allow NNS to remain a fun and family friendly place. A constructive, respectful and welcoming attitude is required from all members at all times in both forum posts and private conversations. The forum rules are a general guide of what we expect from members, and not an exhaustive list. Forum staff will sometimes make decisions independent of the rules, which is perfectly allowed, however, if you believe you have been unfairly treated, you can submit a report here. Rules Do Be nice and polite - All members deserve to be treated with respect. Positive and polite posts create an environment all members will feel comfortable in. Post in relevant section(s) - Posting in the most relevant section ensures that members also interested in the topic will be able to see it and conversation can take place. If not, a moderator will most likely move it for you. Remain on topic - Replies to a thread not relevant to the topic of discussion are not allowed and you should create a new thread to start new discussions. Report content - Reported content is sent to staff members for review. If someone is breaking the rules, reporting their content is very helpful for the staff members to get rid of. Think before posting - Sensible, well thought out and legible posts help other members understand what is being explained. Meet the prerequisites when applying for staff - These requirements are set for a reason. Failing to follow them and applying anyway will warrant an instant deny. Post in ban appeals/ban requests and staff applications - If you have a constructive piece of information that contributes to the appeal/request/application. In contrast, do not post if you are not contributing anything relevant to the table, or your post will be hidden and you will receive a warning. Help us make NNS better - We are keen to hear all of your ideas on ways that we can improve the community. There are discussion boards located around the forums where you are able to share your suggestions on how you think we can improve NNS. Please don't hold back. Do Not Excessively use profanity or post NSFW content - We attempt to keep NNS family-friendly, but we are aware that use of profanity cannot be completely negated in a community mainly comprised of teenagers. Excessive use of profanity, or any NSFW images will cause a loss of posting privileges for a temporary amount of time. Flame or provoke - Do not insult or flame other members on the forum. Similarly, do not post with the intention to provoke another member. Spam - Spamming is something that provides no value to the discussion, or a thread that creates nuisance for others. The most common spam on this forum are people aimlessly "+1"ing people's applications. Please provide a detailed reason why you're +1ing someone. Double post - We understand that sometimes the forum messes up and your post goes through twice, in which case simply report the second one for reason "double-post" and let a staff member remove it for you. Also report other members double-posts if you see them. Engage in illegal activity - NNS is located in Australia, which means the Australian Federal Laws must be followed at all times. Make many posts on the same thread - If you have more to say and no one has replied, edit your last post rather than making another post. If you do this it is counted as spam. Shit Post - Do not post on old threads or post irrelevant replies to threads. Remain on topic at all times in current threads. If it is 3 months old or more, you should not be posting on it as it is considered obsolete. You may make another topic with the same subject matter however. Advertise - Advertising of any kind is strictly prohibited. If you wish to advertise, use a service that allows you to do so, don't post threads on the NNS forum. If you are having any problems, please post them in the support section.
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    Hi everyone! Welcome to the new NoName Servers forum. We are a new gaming community that currently hosts a Garry's Mod Dark RP server. We have a solid team that have been working 24/7 to bring this brand new server to you, the community, and we're hoping that you come check it out soon! Discord: https://discord.gg/cn6SQ5a Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NoName-Servers Dark RP Server: The server is currently password protected, and it will be removed when the server is officially opened!
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    NoName Servers Dark RP Staff Team Owners Matt Bob Ron Managers Shane - Server Manager Carlos - Community Manager Donny - Staff Manager Blootz - Forums Manager Senior Adminstrator's Noah Administrator's Hank Hill Gerald Ratty Matty Moderator's Huey Wright King Alex Liam Bradley Dove Prince Michael Sam Fox Sauramel Sloppy Joe Wingnut Smith Paul Kelly Eddie Cow
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    Denied After having a chat with the staff team and noticing that you've become inactive I feel that you wouldn't be fit to be staff member Please wait 1 week before doing another Application
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    Great work on the application. I don't know you personally but from the collective opinions I've read above, and the clear effort you've put in to meet the requirements, you definitely seem to be a fantastic candidate. Good luck with your application.
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    Nah PS2 Platformers like Jak & Daxter, Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank real tickle me cucumber in a good way
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    Anyone wanna play rust with me and my mates, we are pretty seasoned veterans at the game and enjoy having a bit of banter.
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    Yoooooo, i would like to shove rust sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far up my rectum that i will feel it in the morning just like that funny saying, ya know?
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    making the small gaps and kill holes is actual like 3 brain cell shit, literally no way to fight back. ban that shit too.
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    As long as you dedicate your time to helping this server, I'm fine with you returning to the staff team as a trial-moderator. +1
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    Moderator Requirements You must have at least 5 forum posts You must have at least 1 day playtime on the server (AFK'ed but tbh most people do) You must be 14 years or older You must write a minimum of 200 words when responding to the question 'Explain why you are applying for a staff role at NoName Servers' You must not currently hold a staff position on another server There are afew things wrong with this application. From seeing you in game you do know the rules and you are very active but you do mess around a little too much. (Using @ chat to troll, NLR when people dont let you base with them, etc) But that doesnt mean you arnt good t-mod material. You just need to work on realising the line between acceptable and unacceptable minging. Now to do with your application the segment "Explain why you are applying for a staff role at NoName Servers" Must have 200 words. You didnt even try here. (Edit- I now see that the full segment has been broken up into bits. My mistake) Additionally with the segment "Scenario 2: A section of the map is fully prop blocked and you have just joined. What do you do?" Your answer is odd, Bringing the player and seeing if they are minging is a good idea but if it is a new player why would you warn them for RDM? You would either give them a verbal or warn for Propblock. Change these things and overall add more to your application and my opinion may change from Neutral After improving your application and spending more time in game talking to you I feel you would be a good addition to staff so long as you stick to your word and improve yourself in game. +1
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    Hi everyone, I'm Sam. I'm a moderator on the server. As most of the staff, I jumped from AU-GN as it died. My RP name is usually Sam Fox. If you need any help feel free to shoot me a message here, on the server or on discord. (Tag- CrankyLlama#1088)
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    Hey I was just wondering how do you gain rep in the forums?
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    I don't even know myself Thanks Hank
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    Glad you hopped on the forums Sam, have a good one.
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    Who the fuck are you?
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    I like that idea - it also pretty much forces the users to post meaningful content rather than aimlessly trying to acquire the required amount of posts.
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    +1 Considering you have been an admin on AU-GN for a long time, I don't see why you shouldn't at least get a trial. You are a dedicated member of the community, and I trust that you won't dissapoint as a staff member on the new server.
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    +1 considering you had previous staffing experience on AU-GN and also cause ur a good roleplayer, never seen you minge or being abusive.
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    I hate to be that guy but... In your reply too Blootz you say that you re applied on AU-GN too help out the server then in another statement you say it was a joke and that it would be funny too have been accepted for staff on AU-GN? Which one is it? I'm more or less with blootz on this one.
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    Printers will not be changing, if you wish to make more money then you already are you have the sources of drug manufacturer to do so. Doubling the printers and just half-ing the amount they make would be silly due to it having no affect but causing more entity lag.
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    With the launch of the server coming any hour now you're all probably ready to hop on and get to playing and doing what you love. Question is, What is everyone excited to do on the server when it launches? Personally i'm keen to try out the drug add on and try to get an economic lead. (While staffing obviously, don't hurt me Matt)
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    You haven't really made an effort to meet the requirements. My biggest concern is that it appears as though you're freely community hopping to try and find a server where you can have a rank. You resigned from AU-GN, apologised, applied for staff again, I guess with the hopes of gaining a higher rank, after that failed, I see you're now applying here. I'm not certain that this is your prerogative so this is not an accusation; I am merely bringing a point I deem valid to the table. I'll remain neutral.
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    The only thing logical be a hobo
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    If you couldn't tell from all my profile pictures on everything. Gorillaz. Always been my goto and always will be.
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    memphis may fire is pre lit
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    NoName Servers DarkRP Rules General Glossary: RDM - Random Deathmatch (Killing a user for no RP reason) NLR - New Life Rule (Returning to the area/RP situation in which you were killed) Police, during PD raids ARE permitted to break NLR; this is to make PD raids difficult. RDA - Random Arrest (Arresting a user for no RP reason) FearRP - Fear Roleplay (Not following Roleplay rules and doing something you would not do IRL in that particular moment) Applies with vehicles if the vehicle has come to a complete stop or near halt Metagame - (Using information that you would not obtain IRL to assist you in RP) Fistwhore - (Using your Fists swep to randomly punch users) L2AP - Leave To Avoid Punishment (Leaving the server to avoid a punishment/consequence) Stunstick Abuse - (Abusing the stunstick weapon by hitting a user continuously OOC - Out Of Character (Global Chat used to communicate with the entire server) IC - In Character (Communicating in RP) FDA - Fading Door Abuse (Using your binded button to open and close the fading doors) CP - Civil Protection (The Police Force) RP - Roleplay (The term used for Roleplay) IRL - In Real Life (The term used to describe in real life events or conditions) Minge - (Not on the server to roleplay, only on the server to cause havoc) Double Dooring - (A fading door directly after another (or map door) that uses a different keypad) Does not include stacked doors to prevent lockpicking AOS - Arrest On Site (Arresting a user with the arrest batton without RP justifications) Prop Climb - Using props or spawned entities to climb in the world Prop Surf - Using props or spawned entities to push yourself throughout the map Prop Kill - Killing users with props or spawned entities Prop Spam - Spamming props or entities in the server General Rules: Any shape of hacking or exploiting will result in a permanent ban from all NNS servers. Do not backseat administrate. The server has staff for a reason, so please allow them to do their jobs. Do not demote or warrant/wanted players for breaking server rules (RDM, NLR etc). If a player is breaking server rules, call a staff member using @ in-game. The demote feature is reserved for roleplaying (ie firing a Police Officer as the President) Always respect players. If anyone harasses a player, is racist or sexist you will be severely punished If a player is harassing you in-character, give them a verbal warning to stop and if they don’t comply, you can kill them. Prop climbing, surfing, killing, pushing, trapping or spamming is not allowed. Bunny hopping is not allowed when in combat. Scamming is not allowed. You must give the player what they paid for, such as a weapon or service. This does not include a player offering money for their car back. If a thief arranges a meeting with the owner of the stolen goods to pay for their item back, the owner can shoot and kill the thief without handing over the money promised. The avoid this, the best thing to do is force the victim to transfer money to your account via an ATM. You are not allowed to kill players without a valid reason. Valid reasons include but are not limited to: Following you after a clear verbal warning A player disobeying your KOS sign rules A player has stolen your items You must always have a realistic roleplay name, consisting of one first and last name. You are not allowed to shoot a player’s cars without a valid reason. Valid reasons include:They stole your items They are constantly following you and ramming your vehicle after a clear verbal warning Shooting a car that is owned by the owner of the base you’re raiding You are not allowed to intentionally ram police vehicles for no reason. You are not allowed to steal job vehicles. This includes police car’s, tow trucks and taxi’s. Do not use the out of character (OOC) chat for roleplaying. Use /advert or /pm Australian laws apply with regards to guns/drugs. Drugs are always illegal, and 2h weapons are always illegal unless otherwise stated by the current President/Vice President. A one-handed weapon (pistol) is legal with a license purchased from the President/Vice President. Do not abuse the sit anywhere (alt + e) script. Doing so will result in an instant ban from the Dark RP server. No racism. This includes anything involving Nazi/Jewish conflict. Do not: RDM – kill someone without a valid RP reason Breaking NLR – returning to your position of death before 5 minutes is up, before the RP situation such as raid is over, or remembering any information from your previous life (eg who killed you). RDA – randomly arrested someone as a cop without a valid reason Fail Fear RP – not comply with a person who has a gun/taser aimed at you. In roleplay you want your character to live, so running from someone threatening to shoot you will get you killed and is unrealistic Metagame – use any out of character information for roleplaying (eg the OOC information above people’s heads or something said in the OOC chat) Place in-game items in unreachable areas Disconnect, suicide or change jobs to avoid a RP situation. Argue or use caps in the OOC chat Fading door abuse – this is when you open the fading door using the keyboard shortcut instead of entering your code into the keypad. AFK Printer farm, this includes using some sort of way to collect money from printers without being there. Adverts: You must /advert before doing the following action(s): Terror Kidnap Cooldowns: Raid Cooldown (Same Person) - 10 Minutes Mug Cooldown (Different Person) - 10 Minutes Mug Cooldown (Same Person) - 30 Minutes Kidnap Cooldown (Different Person) - 10 Minutes Kidnap Cooldown (Same Person) - 25 Minutes Carjack Cooldown - 10 Minutes Terror Attacks - 10 Minute New Life Rule (NLR) - 5 Minutes (May be longer depending on circumstances or the situation has finished) Building Rules: Do not block spawn locations You can only own 1 building in your base, per player in your group So if you have 3 players, maximum of 3 buildings owned, etc. This also includes apartments/hotel rooms Maximum of 3 fading doors for a base. Does not scale with amount of players, 3 per base. Fading Doors must be open for a minimum of 5 seconds. Tunneling is allowed (with exceptions depending on length). Excessive use of dark black props are prohibited. A player must be able to navigate through the base knowing there is a clear entry/exit. Invisible props are prohibited. Crouch entrances are prohibited. Full black bases are prohibited. No valuables if using one. Stolen valuables and vehicles are included here. All Kill on Sight (KOS) Signs must be within 1 meter of the wall of your base. Keypads must be fully functioning, visible and accessible. Keypad placement must be clear to the fading door it is targeting AND visible while looking directly at the fading door. No Fake or Reverse keypads. You must own all doors in a building to build. Double Fading Dooring is not allowed. Double fading door is two props stacked directly beside each other WITH different fade keys/keypads to open them. World Door + Fading Door is allowed Do not block off large areas of the map. Do not block off NPCs, Police Stations, Spawn, etc. Do not build in areas you do not own. If buttons are used to open fading doors, they must be held open for the minimum time (5 seconds) Kill boxes are not allowed, Each compartment of the base must be large enough to fit at least 3 people (without the need for stacking on top of each other) Do not build (add/remove props) during a raid. Wait until the raid is over. Text Screens Cannot have a Building sign and a KoS sign Cannot include 'all rules apply', must specify Must be able to be shot (cannot sit inside large no-collided props, preventing you from taking damage). Players must be able to 'shoot back'. In every compartment of your base, it must be possible for a player to use their gun to defend themselves. No building on the road, unless otherwise specified in your job rules. Unless you own all of the buildings that belong past that road, and the road isn't the main/quickest path from point A to point B (ask a staff member if you're unsure), refer to rule 2. You are not allowed to make an elevator. If you have a ramp to your base, it may not be longer than 8 tiles (length of a 1x8 plate). No-Collided props & Fading doors must be obvious (Different material or colour) Raiding Rules: Props may be used within raids; with the provision that they are spawned inside your base, and brought to the raid (using your gravity gun ONLY), these props cannot be moved using the physics gun at any point in time and cannot be used to obstruct entrances, doorways etc. No Carjacking/Mugging/Kidnapping/Raiding/etc. people with a building sign; it is a non-rp area and, similarly, you cannot participate in these activities whilst having one up. Defenders (People who own the base) can return to the base after 5 minutes Raiders cannot. Raids can only last 15 minutes. Job Rules: Casual Jobs: Battle Medic Can tax your ability to heal. Can work with Criminal organizations and other classes. Can own money printers. Cannot base by yourself. Cannot carjack/mug/raid alone. Citizen Cannot do any criminal activities Can build a base Citizens are permitted to own a pistol for self defense. It can be used in situations where your safety is directly threatened (eg being shot at by a player). Casino Manager You cannot build anywhere besides the Casino You may charge players a maximum of $50,000 each to enter the casino. You are allowed to have a pistol for self defense. Hobo You cannot own buildings / buy doors. You can build on footpaths / non road areas only. You cannot block off large portions of the map. You cannot do any criminal activities (including stealing money). You cannot possess a gun at anytime. Can possess a knife for self defence only You cannot own a vehicle. You cannot own money printers. Road Traffic Authority Cannot own money printers. Cannot base. You are allowed to have a pistol for self defense. Must provide services to all people Not break road rules You must drive the tow truck with the hook FULLY up, not spawned unless towing a vehicle. You are not allowed to create a road block, however you can create road obstacles (such as speed bumps) Security You cannot base by yourself, you must base with a weapons dealer and protect their store. You cannot protect criminal organisations. Taxi Driver You cannot own money printers. You cannot change the fare during the trip. After the car has begun motion, you cannot change this. You are allowed to have a pistol for self defense. Cannot commit criminal activities. Weapons Dealer Must have a store available to the public at all times (except whilst building) Must sell to all people Can own money printers Can supply you and your staff with weapons, but you must seize the weapons when you change jobs (No self-supplying) Can only work with security guards and other weapons dealers Government Jobs: This applies to all Jobs below. You can NOT be corrupt. Cannot go corrupt Cannot build in the room of PD where the bank vault is. Paramedic Can tax your ability to heal. Cannot work for Criminal Organizations or any other class. Cannot own money printers. Your service must be available to everyone. Police/Police Chief You can not be corrupt. Do not abuse tasers (repetitively using them on a player, without reason (Stunstick Abuse applies here)) No building bases, The PD is your base. No Stunstick Abuse, All stunstick usage must be followed with an rp reason and to not be used more than 3 times per arrest. No Random Arresting, All arrests must be followed with an RP reason No Random Weapon Checking, All checks must be followed with an RP reason You are allowed to create roadblocks, road blocks must be manned at ALL times. Cannot own money printers. Cannot build in the room of PD where the bank vault is. President All Police rules apply Can work alongside a criminal organisation if both parties agree and it fits within RP Cannot possess a weapon at anytime. No Random/false lockdowns. They must have a proper RP reason No laws which break server rules (e.g Cops may AOS thieves) Cannot own money printers. Vice President You cannot base. Cannot possess a weapon at anytime. Cannot own money printers. Secret Service All Police rules apply Must protect the President and/or Vice President at all times. Cannot own money printers. Criminal Jobs: All Criminal Jobs You cannot carjack/mug/kidnap on the main road that wraps around spawn. This includes the car dealer’s (GM) and the parking lot across from spawn where you retrieve your trucks. View spoiler for these locations on a map. Maximum mug amount: $50,000 During a raid, you cannot kill someone that is not affiliated with the base/shop/etc. or directly affecting the raid and its outcome without first providing a warning Hitman You cannot base (does not include areas you purchase to advertise your service) You must get a valid reason to accept a hit Cannot own money printers. Cannot raid/mug/kidnap/carjack Drug Manufacturer Can base with other criminal groups Cannot raid/mug/kidnap/carjack Mafia/Russian Can only Raid/Carjack/Mug/Kidnap if boss is present Once the boss dies, the Raid/Carjack/Mug/Kidnap is over Cannot work with other gangs, can only work with custom classes and battle medics Terrorist You must wait 60 minutes after terror ends before starting a new attack You must /advert Terror/Terror over Terror cannot last more than 5 minutes Terror ends once you die You cannot kill unless advertising terror (unless in self-defense) You cannot base You can only terrorise one area of the map per attack You cannot own money printers. Thief Thieves are only allowed to base with other thieves (and battle medics) Cannot kidnap
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    Tyler The Creator is pretty good.
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    Staff Applications The Requirements You must have at least 5 forum posts Must have 5 community rep on the forums You must have at least 1 day playtime on the server You must be 14 years or older You must write a minimum of 200 words when responding to the question 'Explain why you are applying for a staff role at NoName Servers' You must not currently hold a staff position on another server There are exemptions made to these requirements if the staff strongly recommend a candidate and they receive an overwhelming amount of support from the community. The Template Please use the following template when applying for a staff role at NoName Servers. Copy the template and create a new thread in the staff application section using the following format. We suggest you modify the formatting of the text to make it appear unique to other applications. RP Name: Steam ID: Age: Playtime (with evidence): What time do you normally play?: Do you have previous experience in a staff role?: Explain why you are applying for a staff role at NoName Servers: Have you ever received an infraction on the server (warn, kick or ban)?: Scenario 1: You respond to a ticket and a player RDM'd another player. What do you do? Scenario 2: A section of the map is fully prop blocked and you have just joined. What do you do? Scenario 3: A player is threatening to DDoS/DOX a player or staff member. What do you do? Other information:
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    +1 Seems to be a reliable player, i would love to see him as a staff member.
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    shooting through 1 way props is a dog thing and really shows your lack of skill, removing shooting through props would even the playing field to a point where the attackers can actually have a chance, and still give the defenders that upper hand they need, as they can use 1 way props and see the location of the attackers.
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    Well I hope to buy an SV6 or a S. Would love to own a BMW 760li
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    Nissan Skyline GT-R r34. Been my dream car for years and it's the reason I only drive the skyline on the server.
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    2012 BMW 320d F30 auto in white. She goes well.
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    Hey all, You may have seen me around on AUGN after joining around 2 months ago. I really loved the community and was ecstatic to hear Bob, Matt and Ron were making a new one after the demise of that. Hope to see you all around
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    Im neutral during this but It still doesnt count for the 3 forum posts you have and not reaching the minimal play time
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    https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/d8Rv6s i HIGHLY RECOMMEND waiting for gpu and ram prices to go down, i have a zotac 1050ti oc edition i got for $210, its up for $260. also ram is ridiculously high priced, you should wait so you can get 1060 3gb cheaper but this is gud
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    lmao if you had the money to get an 8400 with a 1080 shoulda got the 8600k cause you can oc and the z370 is an oc motherboard but if you wanted the 8400 shoulda waited for new mobos for budget builds
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    As a team we have discussed ways we can make raiding easier on the server. We'll release the full rules list in the coming few days so we'll let you know what we decide then!