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  4. just posting random stuff since it has been a few days
  5. Depends on what type of racing you like. For Rally, you can't go wrong with Dirt Rally / 4. For General Track racing Assetto Corsa does the job really well. If you want full on racing with competition (Online), iRacing is your best bet.
  6. The latest Forza (which I believe is 7 at the moment), or Forza Horizon 3 which is pretty fun as well. As for the most realistic it has to be Forza 7. As for the greatest racing game, it's Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box. Though it came out in 2009, and the DLC's are no longer available, its graphics have held their own and cars actually indicate, unlike real life.
  7. played this game so much when I was a kid https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney_World_Quest:_Magical_Racing_Tour
  8. I currently own a g920 steering wheel and a g29 steering wheel and I want to buy a very realistic racing game. Probably one with good physics
  9. ACCEPTED Welcome to the staff team, congratulations! Please message Bob, Ron or myself through Discord for your rank and induction.
  10. ACCEPTED Welcome to the staff team, congratulations! Please message Bob, Ron or myself through Discord for your rank and induction.
  11. ACCEPTED Welcome to the staff team, congratulations! Please message Bob, Ron or myself through Discord for your rank and induction.
  12. ACCEPTED Welcome to the staff team, congratulations! Please message Bob, Ron or myself through Discord for your rank and induction.
  13. +1 I am In Real Life friends with Mitch, He has been wanting to become staff ever since I told him about me joining NoName and he wanted to apply and become staff. I RP with him and I feel as though he a good understanding of the rules and likes rping on the server, I think Mitch would make a good staff member and I personally would like to Train him as a staff member. Good Luck Mate! -Noah
  14. STEAM_1:1:417860907 Mimmys Staff Application RP Name: Mimmy Smith Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:417860907 Age: 14 Playtime (with evidence): 1 day 6 Hours What time do you normally play?: Anytime after 5-6 and normally get off around 10-30. Do you have previous experience in a staff role?: No, I am learning Staffing Techniques now though. Explain why you are applying for a staff role at NoName Servers: Hello I am Mimmy Smith, I am here applying for staff on No-Name Servers mainly because I want to help the server become active, I will be on nearly everyday helping the staff team and player count I also want to help the server by getting players to join. I will invite everyone I know that has a Steam account with Garry’s Mod,I also think I would make a great asset to the a staffing team. I really enjoy playing on NNS and wish to become Staff on this server. I am learning ULX now and I will have that fully learnt as soon as possible, I am also getting to know players on the server and they make me feel welcomed to NNS and the staff have helped me out a lot and I want to do the same for other players. I have a somewhat knowledge of how to handle all different types of sits, I am also learning how to use the warn system and other practical commands. I really hope to become staff on this server mainly because I want something to do other then just play. I think after I get a little practice I should be a good staff member. I will not abuse any level I have if power, I will attend as many sits as possible. I am also very friendly to speak with if anyone needs help. Thanks for reading my application. Have you ever received an infraction on the server (warn, kick or ban)?: No. Scenario 1: You respond to a ticket and a player RDM'd another player. What do you do? First of i would claim the case, teleport to the player of the request and ask him the following questions - How did the RDM take place? Do you know why he RDMed? Has there been other incidents with this player (within there life) If they come back as just a normal RDM case i will procced to bring the RDMer and ask hims similar questions, if it a direct case of RDM i will either !warn him or give him a verbal warn depends to the seriousness. Scenario 2: A section of the map is fully prop blocked and you have just joined. What do you do? I would bring the player who prop-blocked the section and asked why he did it, if he makes a shitty excuse i will remove the props (if i dont have the perms i will contact a higher staff member) then i will either !warn or verbally warn depending of the seriousness. Scenario 3: A player is threatening to DDoS/DOX a player or staff member. What do you do? I would first off instantly kick the player if he is younger and is just being salty because he didnt get his own way, if it is a more mature adult or young adult i will procced to ban the player for a perm and contact a admin + to extend the ban. Other information:
  15. Really starting to get back into MMO RPG's. Having a great time in Black Desert Online atm.
  16. I dont care about visuals that much i just want atleast 50-60 fps Any suggestions?
  17. No need to apologise, it was just a simple enquiry so I knew he didn't create an alt account to support his app. It doesn't matter how often you visit the forums or your activity, as long as you're a real person you're allowed to voice your opinion on the candidate. Thank you @WateringKan for your mature response to my enquiry. Your application will be reviewed by the management team soon, best of luck!
  18. Yeah I wasn't aware of the forums until WateringKan mentioned he's applied for staff in our discord voice channel, so I made an account to +1 his app because I believe he'd be a great addition, and also he's a really good mate. Apologies Matt.
  19. You don't deal with constructive criticism well at all. For your personal development as a human being, you really need to work on it. This is a Garry's Mod Dark RP server, you are going to receive criticism far worse than this in the real world, and if you buckle and react in the way you have today, you have a lot of learning to do. You don't seem like you're 23, but if you truly are, you need to work on this sooner rather than later. Locked as requested.
  20. you know what u guys can forget it i aint gonna be part of ur team for 1 reason anyways you all have been extremely rude to me u have all been nasty about my application not once have u guys asked politely u guys must not be after staff that badly only half ur team are only ever on the servers little advice if u guys have so much staff allready why are u all inactive should those inactive be staff? ask youselvs that also yes i feel like i am being attacked by each and every one of you.. so have a think about that im not doing anymore to my application take it or leaving this case ur leaving it i assume so just be over with ti say it how it is rather then beating round the bushes
  21. If you have to lie to fulfil the 200 word requirement I can safely tell you that you will not be welcomed into the staff team. Literacy is important in retaining a professional staff team. Complete the application properly and meet the requirements or risk being denied.
  22. Its life, no worries
  23. Also My apologies for recent inactivity, just moved for uni and currently settling in.
  24. im sry bro but im not gonna lie about it to produce 200 words i dont know what els to put on there without lieing so what ever happens happens i guess u guys cant be looking for staff that badly then ik it not 200 words ik it only seems quick but im being 100% honest u either want staff or u guys dont im not going to beat around the bush to make up a big paragraph because thats to me is only lieing and i dont 1 lie 2 beat around the bush so if u dont like it thats fine only tryna do something to help out the community
  25. Seemed like it took literally a minute to make, didnt even try in the Explain why you're applying for no name servers -1
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