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    • I've been approached by a member of the community that pointed out something quite strange with this application. The user @fry_ only has one post on the forums, and it is supporting this app. That's not really too out of the ordinary, but his joining and last online are a bit odd. Joined Thursday at 06:44 PM Posted Thursday at 06:52 PM Last visited Thursday at 06:55 PM I am just wondering @WateringKan whether you know this person, and if so, could provide an explanation regarding his strange activity.
    • This is a thread to discuss everything about the walking dead. Who here watches it? What's your opinion on it, specifically the current season so far (season 8). This thread will contain many uncensored spoilers so if you have not watched the show it is not advised that you read this if you don't want it ruined. Put spoilers relating to deaths in spoiler tags by doing [ spoiler ] your text here [ /spoiler ] without the spaces in the square brackets. I started to re-watch it from the beginning because my sister started it and it's very cool to see just how different the walkers are in season 1 versus season 8, and how going along the seasons the walkers become less of a scary problem and more of a nuisance as they decay.  Negan is for sure my favourite villain thus far, though if that wasn't the case with someone I'd concerned. He is just so likeable, and quite frankly, a badass and a half. Do we really think the saviours are going to fall? Also, what's everyone's opinion on the Carl situation? He was left in a fairly bad place last episode. Honestly, I don't think they'd kill off someone like Carl like that.
    • Moved to denied.

      Printers are balanced as they are, if you wish to make more money then printers can the Drug Manufacturer job is definitely the way to go.
    • Suggestion moved to accepted.

      Prices for different knives have been changed per knife, listed below. (For the case & key)
        Gut Knife: 50k Flip Knife: 75k Falchion Knife: 100k Shadow Daggers: 125k Bowie Knife: 150k Huntsman Knife: 175k Bayonet: 200k M9 Bayonet: 225k Butterfly: 250k Karambit: 300k
    • The order in worst the best for drugs are: Weed -> Meth -> Cocaine. So recommend you just make cocaine, meth is better if you want to be lazy and make some money
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